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How to Prepare for the New Academic Year in 2023

A new academic year is fast approaching as 2023 draws near. As parents, you may be scrambling to get everything prepared to give your child the best possible start to the new academic year. But how can students properly prepare for incoming new subjects and additional study loads? Here are a few study tips and tricks to help your child prepare for the next academic year.

1. Help Your Child Set Goals For The Next School Year

One of the biggest reasons for a child to underperform in school is the lack of clear expectations and goals. As a parent, you can prevent this by talking with your child and helping them set a goal for themselves as they enter a new academic year. Having a plan of action can encourage growth and increase your child’s confidence. Involvement in the process makes it more likely that they will stay committed to their goals throughout the year as they take ownership over what they are working towards. When setting goals, it is important to make sure they are realistic and achievable; challenges are good, but having unrealistic expectations can lead to disappointment.

2. Get Your Child Organised

Your child's study area at home plays a big role in their overall efficiency and study habits. A messy study area may lead to less than optimal study results for your child. As the new academic year approaches, take some time to guide your kid in organising their study area. Help them clear their desk of any old papers and allocate new spaces for textbooks for the new academic year. You can also encourage them to label folders, notebooks, and binders according to subject matter and store all of their materials in one designated spot like a desk drawer. This will make it easier for them when it comes time for studying and completing homework assignments.

Additionally, you can get creative and help your child decorate their study area into whatever design they want. Doing so not only encourages your child to be organised but also helps them associate the study area with a positive feeling. This could help tremendously for the new academic year to motivate your child as they take on additional subjects.

3. Consider Math Tuition

The approach of the academic year in 2023 still leaves some room to fully prepare your child for the new academic environment waiting for them. If your child is moving up to upper secondary in Singapore, the influx of new subjects, new faces, and new responsibilities might overwhelm them if the necessary preparations are not done. Whether it’s Elementary math (E math) or Additional math (A math) tuition, a good tutor can help get your child in the right mindset going into the new academic year. Here at Math Academia, we offer both E and A math tuition to prepare your child for these subjects. The confidence they'll gain can dramatically increase their ability to tackle future problems as well.

Prepare For The Academic Year With Math Academia

The pressure of preparing for a new academic year can be nerve-wracking for students. But with these steps taken care of prior to the academic year beginning, your child will be well prepared and ready to tackle whatever lies ahead. Help your child to alleviate their fears and concerns, or even strengthen their problem solving skills at Math Academia. We are a leading Additional Math tuition centre in Singapore with high achievement rates and a prolific history of top scorers. We also have dedicated E math and A math tutors to support your child throughout their academic year.

For more information, get in touch with us to know more about our programs and learning resources.

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