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Student Portal

Explanatory Videos

With the school’s fixed teaching pace, it is normal for students to miss out or not fully understand certain concepts. On the portal, students can revisit those explanations in the form of videos. Learning is no longer confined to the four walls of the classroom, students can find help anytime!

Supplementary Resources

For extra practice, students can download extra worksheets and exam papers from our portal. These are supplementary worksheets to our class materials, so they are not repeated and serve to strengthen what is learnt in class.


Updates and Feedback

Our team will provide regular student performance reviews on the portal, which will highlight key areas for improvement so that students can work on the necessary points outside of the class time. We will also post the latest announcements regarding our activities to keep you up to date!


Experiential Learning

A key reason for our students’ attaining a high distinction rate of 98% for PSLE, GCSE O-Level and GCE A-Level lies in our in-class activities, where students get a chance to perform hands-on experiments, which solidifies important scientific concepts that are crucial for higher-order application questions. This constructs a strong foundation for more difficult topics to build on it.


Through experiential learning, it encourages our students to open up and learn through experiences, which helps them to see relevance in learning by explaining the practical usage of the knowledge they have learnt in class. 


Care & Support


In Math Academia, we believe that our students’ well being is as important as academic success. Our approachable tutors strive to provide both academic and emotional support, making it easy for our students to reach out to our tutors in and out of the classroom, fostering a positive tutor-student relationship. 


Specially Crafted Worksheets

Our highly qualified, ex-MOE tutors specially craft comprehensive notes and worksheets for our students. Each resource has been curated and developed to challenge their young minds and form a strong understanding of concepts.

Derived from the analysis of PSLE, GCSE O-Level, GCE A-Level papers as well as exam papers from top schools, these resources are designed according to the lesson timeline, to build their thinking ability and skill sets, all the way to perfecting challenging questions. This gives the student ample preparation for their examinations. 

Considering the needs and abilities of different students, we provide extra resources for self-practice and round-the-clock support.

o-level-science-tutor, a-level-chemistry-physics-tutor

Fostering Inquisitive Learning

Questioning is key to active and meaningful learning. Through our interactive lesson model and small class size, students are encouraged to take charge of their own learning by asking questions.


By questioning, our tutors are able to identify gaps in the students’ understanding, giving tutors the chance to clarify the misconceptions. Not only that, encouraging our students to develop curiosity helps to instill a love and passion for learning, which is the main goal of our classes.




With constant check-ins from our tutors, we monitor our students’ academic progress in school to ensure that students are able to apply the knowledge they have learnt from our lessons into their school examinations. 1 to 1 consultation and in depth analysis of the examination paper allows our tutors to better understand the strengths and weaknesses of our students.

Additionally, existing students enjoy the privilege of studying at our centre for free, which is located conveniently at our classroom in Beauty World Centre, where we provide free snacks and drinks to give our students the extra boost after a long day of studying.

Themed Activities

We frequently organise activities such as quizzes and contests where students can participate in, to reward them for their efforts so as to encourage them to continue to work hard. Keep a lookout for our Facebook and Instagram pages (@mathacademiasg) for upcoming activities!


Humble Beginnings

A business grown out of passion, Mr Peng, the principal director of Math Academia first entered the tuition industry in 2015. From teaching in a rented classroom in Lakeside, his love for teaching grew, finding meaning in helping students and learning from them as well. Today, we have transformed into a Leading Premium Math Specialist in Bukit Timah, securing top results in the country for major examinations.

A Passion for Teaching

From running the entire operations alone, running only Secondary E and A Math Tuition, Mr Peng has expanded his team to 9 qualified & experienced tutors and 3 administrative officers. We are a team of passionate teachers and learners, ready to serve our students.  

When there was a need to hire, the answer was simple. All our staff members are previous students of Math Academia as we strongly believe that students of the past and present are all treated as part of the Math Academia Family. This closeness we share sets Math Academia apart from other tuition centres. 

We constantly improve ourselves to meet the changing needs of students as the grow, and to enhance our teaching methods for continued excellence. Recently, we have also expanded our centre across the third level of Beauty World Centre, making us one of the biggest and most impactful educators in the Bukit Timah area.


Our Newly Renovated Centre


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