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Student Portal


To fully engage your child in their learning journey, our portal serves as a platform for our students to obtain up-to-date resources to supplement their learning. As the Top Math Tuition Specialist in Beauty World, we believe that learning should take place on the go, everywhere you go.

This is a safe and secured platform. All content is uploaded and reviewed by our staff, who have full authority over this platform. Accessing this portal requires approval by Math Academia, which will be granted within 24 hours from time of signup.

If you encounter any problems accessing your account, our admins are ready to serve you.

Our Student Portal offers our students extra resources to download and practice outside of lesson time. Within a class, some students may want more practice to strengthen their learning, some are faster and want to take it a step further. This online platform allows our students 24/7 access to as much practice they wish for.

Support Outside of Lesson Time

Our portal library consists of a curated collection by our tutors. Students can find topical revision papers and past year exam papers from schools with answers. 

Exclusive Resources

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