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E Math Tuition for Secondary Express Students

Secondary 1 to 4
O Level Tuition

Our O Level E Math Tuition classes are one of the MOST POPULAR classes here at Math Academia. The intense and rigorous sessions drill key learning points into students and our tutors help to ensure a strong foundation before expanding into more detailed concepts. We experience waitlists yearly during sign-ups, so be sure to grab that spot when it's still available!

What is E Math?

Elementary Math, more commonly known as E Math in Singapore, is considered one of the most important subjects that students in Singapore will take in secondary school and for the GCE O’Level examinations. E Math equips students with fundamental math knowledge and reasoning skills. E Math is generally considered to be easier than A Math, and is an essential subject for most polytechnic courses and for entry into junior colleges. 

If you are worried about scoring poorly for math during your GCE O’Level examinations, enrolling yourself for E Math tuition can definitely help to improve your grades. With dedicated tutors and quality curriculum at our tuition classes, students will no longer have to struggle to grasp difficult mathematical concepts.

Why Sign Up For E Maths Tuition at Math Academia?

Most secondary school students in Singapore struggle with learning algebra - a common issue faced when transitioning from model drawing in primary school to algebra to solving word problems in secondary school. With our E Math tuition classes, students will be able to practice algebraic manipulation and logical reasoning with ample guidance from our experienced tutors. With a strong foundation in basic concepts built from lower secondary, students can also begin to understand more complex mathematical concepts in upper secondary.

Sign up for E Math tuition classes now at Math Academia to start your journey towards scoring a distinction in E Math today.

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Taught by: Mr Peng Junyang

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