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Since 2015, Math Academia has established itself as the Top Specialist Math tuition centre, achieving 100% improvement and high distinction rates among our students. Read more about how our students have been impacted below.

Mr Peng's lessons are well-structured and easy to understand. My math improved drastically in a short span of six months. He always checks on me to make sure I am in pace with his lessons, and I never hesitate to consult him after lessons whenever I have doubts to clarify. He doesn't make it seem like a chore that he has to answer my numerous questions, but instead, he always seems happy that I have questions to ask. Thanks to Mr Peng, I got an A for math for A-Levels, despite struggling in math throughout JC! :)

Sheryl Kong

National Junior College

Improved my maths very quickly. From a F9 to a B3 in 5 months.

Teng Hwee


Very engaging lessons and amazing resources. I was taught by Mr Peng for over 4 years and my grades tremendously improved in secondary school and in JC.

Valda Ho

Anderson Serangoon Junior College

Ms Jamie Ng is a very good and service oriented teacher. She prepares her own material and introduces my kids to her own style of fun based learning. My kids have been improving year on year, and I’d definitely recommend her!

Yong Wen Lim

(Parent of P6 Student)

Mr Peng is a skilled and patient teacher who is constantly tries his best to make sure that everyone understands the concepts behind each topic. His lessons are also very interesting and often shares tips/things to take note of to avoid repeating the same mistakes during examinations. He is encouraging and makes sure that I clear my misconceptions regarding topics. I am very thankful to have him as my tuition teacher!

Faith Tay

St Andrews Junior College

I'm a P6 student attending Math Academia for math lessons. My teacher is Ms Jamie. At first, I was doing badly in school, usually getting a AL4 (75-79) in maths. However, after attending Ms Jamie's classes, I improved to AL1! Through her teaching of concepts and heuristic methods, my results soared. She also encourages her students to do well by giving prizes such as vouchers. With her help, I have the score of AL 1 now! Thanks Ms Jamie!

Tan Hong Shin (Math)

National Junior College

Mr Peng is a really cool and interesting teacher who has helped me raise my math grades to a consistent A1 and made the subject one that I enjoy. He teaches us helpful tricks to tackle tricky questions and makes sure that his lessons are engaging and fun. Really thankful to have such a great Math teacher who has taught me to love the subject other than just getting good grades! :D

Felis Tan

Crescent Girls' School

Mr Peng is a teacher that makes Math interesting by focusing more on the concepts and making sure that everyone has a strong foundation in order to further develop on it. He has made Math interesting for me by focusing a lot on the process rather than the result, and emphasising that the concepts and strategies we adopt in solving questions are paramount. Real great teacher, really understanding and patient with his students. I am really grateful he is part of this journey!

Kyran Chew

Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Road)

Mr Peng is a very cool and friendly teacher and has never failed to make his lessons fun and engaging. I am never afraid to raise any questions I have during class. I really appreciate the fact that I can ask him questions at any time of the day and he would reply almost immediately. Although it has only been a year, my math has improved from a C to an A. Really grateful to have him as my teacher! :)

Izella Te

Crescent Girls' School

Mr Peng is a very caring and thoughtful teacher. His lessons are always very easy to understand. I always get a detailed explanation for my questions.

Belgelyn Wee

Nan Hua High School

Mr Peng is a very caring and helpful teacher. He explains the problems in a way that everyone can understand easily and I can easily absorb the concepts taught. His lessons are fun and engaging which I look forward to attending every week :).

Jordan Amin

Pasir Ris Crest Secondary School

Mr Peng does not only teach us how to ace our examinations, but he is also a good teacher that looks out for us, is there for us, and cares for our well being. He also ensures that our targets are realistic and achievable. He motivates us to reach our targets, so that we could do our best based on our ability and understanding of different concepts and topics.

Maximus Lim

Bukit Batok Secondary School

Mr Peng is a very effective and understanding teacher. He helps to pinpoint our weaknesses so that we can improve on them. Math Academia has a very conducive environment for learning. I highly recommend this tuition centre.

Arella Png

Methodist Girls' School

Mr Peng is such a cool teacher and he always makes lessons fun. On top of that, he is also very experienced so he knows how to help his students achieve As.

Giselle Hong

Nan Hua High School

Mr Peng's lessons are inspiring. Mr Peng is patient in explaining questions and he puts more focus on developing the relevant skills towards problem solving questions which are helpful techniques that can be applied during exams.

Xu Ying

Anderson Serangoon Junior College

Mr Peng is a very thoughtful and caring teacher. He always puts in his best into conducting Math lessons and ensures that everyone is able to fully grasp the concept. I appreciate the care and concern that he shows towards his students and is always looking out for them. I am extremely grateful to have known Mr Peng and am thankful to have him as my teacher!

Ong Le Suan

Assumption English School

Mr Peng is a dedicated teacher who goes the extra mile for his students. They even allowed us students to self-study there outside of our lesson time if we wanted. Lessons are well-communicated and interesting as well.

Michael Yip

Nanyang Junior College

Mr Peng takes the extra effort to help and cater to his students be it after class times or during class times. He also stocks up food for us during this period of O and A levels so we wouldn’t go hungry while mugging! So conclusion, Mr Peng is beyond just a teacher.

Gwen Toh

Kuo Chuan Presbyterian

Mr Peng is a passionate and caring tutor who is willing to do his best to help me. His lesson are detailed and fun as well.

Edsel Ng

New Town Secondary School

The lessons were very detailed and it definitely improved my grades for A Math. He taught us well and is very caring too.

Lydia Chan

Jurong Secondary School

Mr Peng is extremely caring and passionate about both his students and job. He does his best to guide us with his best effort.

Eloy Ang

Regent Secondary School

I joined Mr Peng’s lessons probably mid of J2 and then, my math grades were not as fantastic but after attending his tuition classes, I was able to not only clarify my current doubts but as well as go beyond the pace of my tutorials in school! Mr Peng is efficient and succinct in his explanations and goes beyond the ‘just memorise’ tactic which in the long run, truly helped us all in our H2 Math journey :’)

Fahd Shah Mohammad Nizam

Innova Junior College

Math tuition was very fun to attend because it was chill yet productive. Mr Peng is very friendly and easy-going and it makes learning so much easier and efficient!

Leona Wu

Anderson Junior College

During Math lessons, Mr Peng helped me to understand math much better and gain more confidence in doing math, which made my math grades improve over this short one and a half years. He is a also really friendly and never failed to bring laughter to the class, making me feel less stressed during lesson and also making learning very conducive. Thank you Mr Peng!

Vivi Lee

Anglo-Chinese Junior College

Mr Peng is a devoted and helpful math tutor. He’s approachable and is always willing to help his students clear their doubts. He offers an engaging classroom setting that makes lessons more enjoyable and also provides useful resources for students.

Elaine Wong

Anglo-Chinese Junior College

Mr Peng is a very fun and passionate teacher who puts in effort to engage the class and answer to all our queries, ensuring that all our doubts are cleared. He is very generous with his resources and helps us to get all the practice that we need. Very thankful and gained a lot from his lessons!

Fum Jiaxuan

Nanyang Junior College

Junyang is a really friendly tutor who’s always ready to answer our questions and explain things to us! He provided us with good materials that helped me with the earlier topics that I was weak at. He’s also very caring as a teacher. Thanks so much!

Liaw Ann Shin

Raffles Institution

Mr Peng has never failed to show care and concern for his students throughout the time I've been with him. On top of the comprehensive and extensive resources he provides, he prepares for his lessons well and comes up with interesting ways to help his students understand difficult concepts. His friendly and approachable character allows students to approach him easily, making tuition conducive for learning.

Gerry Wong

Jurong Junior College

Mr Peng is a very patient and understanding tutor. He always put students’ studies and welfare above anything else and is not money driven like some centres. I have learnt a lot from his lessons and his humour never fails to break the monotony of a typical math lesson. I feel that he goes beyond the role of just being a tutor, and he is a mentor to many of us at the centre.

Ong Shi Hui

Hua Yi Secondary School

Mr Peng, by far, is one of the best math teachers I have encountered in my secondary school life and I am extremely grateful to have met him. He lightens the mood during math lessons and provides us with a very conducive atmosphere to learn and study in. However, he can be serious at the right moment and does his job extremely well. His solutions are precise and clear and his teaching ideas are always fresh. Thank you for your guidance and patience Mr Peng!

Tisha Leong

Nan Hua High School

Mr Peng is a tutor who is able to deliver mathematical concepts quickly and effectively. Using these concepts, he has helped me understand and solve some of the hardest questions that I have faced. He also believes in forging lasting friendships with his students and is always available to lend a helping hand when we have any questions.

Peh Xuan Ying

Anglo-Chinese Junior College

Mr Peng is a passionate teacher that devotes much of his time and attention to help his students improve their grades. He explains concepts really well and caters to different needs of his students. He goes the extra mile and also cares about the student’s welfare. I used to really dislike math but he helped me to overcome that mental barrier and I improved alot!

Evangeline Boo

Jurong Junior College

Mr Peng is a very inspiring teacher. He does not just play the role of a tutor, but also plays the role of a friend. His friendliness and warmth make lessons very relaxing and enjoyable and lessons with him are never boring. He ensures that we are constantly stay motivated and that we have work hard for the subject.

Ryan Walter

Anglo-Chinese Junior College

Mr Peng is a very dedicated and efficient teacher. His lessons are straightforward and easy to understand. He is patient and understanding. Through his lessons, I have been able to constantly achieve good grades for my math.

Ng Rui Fang

Westwood Secondary School

Under the guidance of Mr Peng, I have been able to be consistently doing well for math. He constantly spurs us on and motivates us to give our best. His teaching style is highly effective and is easy to follow during lesson. It has been a pleasure to be his tutee.

Ines Soh

Hua Yi Secondary School

Mr Peng has helped me to improve tremendously in my foundation for mathematics. His practise papers are really helpful in preparing me for my major exams. When I have any queries, Mr Peng always makes sure that he is around to help and makes sure that I understand the question completely. He is a very patient tutor and I am very grateful for all the help that I have received.

Cheong Kah Yu

Bukit Batok Secondary School

Mr Peng is a math tutor who is patient in his teaching and never fails to produce results. Being his student for 3 years, his lessons have helped me consistently score A1s in both my Emath and Amath and even be the top scorer in my school for Emath in my prelim exams. His creative ways of solving and explaining complex questions has helped me immensely in my understanding of the subject.

Darryl Teoh

Hua Yi Secondary School

His lessons are very useful and he is very familiar with the mistakes that student tend to make in each topic. He knows what to look out and this helps me to reduce the number of mistakes in solving math questions. His lessons are productive and engaging.

Elijah Loh

Nan Hua High School

After joining his lessons, I have been consistently doing well for math. He is very patient and approachable and plays the role of both a tutor and a friend. His passion for teaching is for all to see. I have benefitted greatly for his lessons and have become more confident in the subject.

Claire Chua

Anderson Junior College

r Peng is a very dedicated teacher. He makes difficult topics easier to understand by explaining the basic concepts clearly and by showing us how to apply the techniques to solve different questions. He is also good at improvising and teaches in different ways to adjust to the students’ needs and academic standard. He stays in constant contact with us even after tuition hours, to make sure that we constantly stay motivated. He goes beyond the role of just a tutor, and is always ensuring that we are well taken care of.

Lyrah Oh

National Junior College

After attending Mr Peng’s classes, I feel more confident in tackling and grasping difficult math questions and concepts. Also, his lessons provide me with a very good platform to clarify and ask many questions and doubts from school. It has been an enriching and pleasant experience attending his classes.

Lim Fang Qi

Teck Whye Secondary School

Mr Peng has made the understanding of math concepts very easy and has smoothen the learning process. He never fails to make lessons interesting and is always on the lookout for my welfare. I am very glad to have his both as a tutor and as a friend!

Fan Chiang Kai Li

Nan Hua High School

My Mathematics has always been an F9 since Secondary 1 all the way to Secondary 4. I joined Math Academia in March 2019 and Mr. Peng really helped me with the subject and I improved.

Celest Yap Qi Yi

Jurongville Secondary School

Mr Peng is a very caring and patient tutor. My daughter went to Mr Peng for a trial class and he didn’t even require me to pay for it. Welcome us to come back if my girl would like to join his centre. So unlike another centre (same building) who asked for a one month tuition fees upfront for “trial”. My girl loves going to his focus class and is able to grasp the concept quickly with his patient coaching. He treats all his students like his own siblings, very encouraging and supportive. Not just another tutor who is just concern about dollars & cents. This is the tutor you must try if you are looking for one now!

Anna Chong (Parent)


Mr Kenneth's class is quite fun to go for. He is not the regular teacher who just goes through the class. He adds in jokes and laughs and uses many ways to help us remember concepts, like using the first letter of a word and forming a funny verse,
e.g. superman is not clean=steel, iron, nickel and cobalt , conductors of electricity

Tan Hong Shin (Science)

National Junior College

Mr Peng is a good teacher. He is understanding and explains math questions well. He does his best when he teaches and ensures everyone does their work. I used to dislike math but now enjoy it!

Nicole Tay

Geylang Methodist Girls' School

Ms. Jamie is not some ordinary teacher, she is a professional teacher. I use to hate math but now I love it as I always thought that Math is very hard to solve but when I started joining Ms. Jamie's class I think that Math is not that difficult anymore as she makes lessons fun and interesting. She always makes her own worksheets which contain many difficult questions for us to solve so we can improve. If we do not know a certain question, she will repeat the solution in different ways so she knows that we are on the same pace and we understand. When we do a question which have many ways to solve, she will tell us all the methods she knows so that during exam we do not need to be afraid as we have many solutions to solve that particular question. Ms. Jamie will also introduce us to many different math websites that we can go try out at home! When we do not know a certain topic, she will always let us try every week until we understand how to do it. Ms. Jamie is also an happy teacher who always carry a smile on her face where ever she goes! If we have free time after our lesson, she will give us to play math games which train us our metal calculation. She will always want everyone to volunteer so that she knows if we understand. She will encourage the shy people to say the answer so that they can be more courageous next time. Ms. Jamie will always tell the name of the question we are solving so that we can identify the questions in exam. Sometimes when we do good in our exam, she will give us a present to motivate us to do our best! At the end of the month, she will print school paper for us to do as a mini quiz so she knows our standard and she can help to improve on our weakness. On the worksheets, she will always put some pictures to help us understand the question better instead of wordy questions which will always make us feel like the question is very difficult. She will simplify the question so it is easier to understand! Instead of giving us answers to the question, she will always ask some of us to go annotate on her iPad. If we get wrong, she will explain it and ask some question so we know what went wrong and we can try again. Ms. Jamie always teaches the syllabus before the school so when the school begins, we will be ahead of the other students in class. She will give us snacks to boost our energy and every year she will give us files so we can be organize our work so that we do not have to find the worksheets in class so we can save time. She always give us tips to identify the question so we do not have to waste time and think of what concept is this. She will make acronyms for us to solve the questions faster. E.g. All monkey bully small dogs= Assume, Multiply, Big difference, Small difference, divide - Assumption. We always look forward to her lesson as we can learn many things there and she always bring joy when ever she comes in. I would definitely recommend her! :)

Ho Xiang Ning

Qifa Primary School

Ms Jamie helped me a lot for both my Paper 1 and Paper 2 for my math! She is very nice and friendly, also rewarding us when we do good, encouraging us to do better. Thanks to her, I managed to improve from an AL 5 ( 65-74) in my CA1 at P6 to an AL 2 (85-89) in my preliminaries! Initially, I had hated mathematics, but now I realise that math is simple and not as I hard as I thought. Her methods of teaching heuristics and concepts are easy to understand, and her classes are amazing. I appreciate her teaching me so well! I would 100% recommend her!

Tan Shu Ying


Mr Peng has always been a caring and supportive teacher. He is patient when I don't understand a topic or the method and will go through the process again in a way more detailed manner. He always make math lessons very intriguing and engages me every lesson. I am thankful for him as my math Teacher and guiding me all the way through my secondary school life!

Mr Yow has been a fun and passionate teacher when it comes to teaching his students science. He helps his students remember topics and important key words easily by forming acronyms for us to remember. He is willing to give up his time to provide for his students need when in doubt of a topic. I am thankful to have known Mr Yow and thankful for him for being my science teacher!

Alston Lee


Mr Peng is a very patient tutor and he always puts in the effort to make sure that every student is able to understand the lesson! He is also very effective in his teaching as his lessons equip us with the integral and relevant exam skills needed which have definitely boosted my skills and confidence in JC Math.

Chloe Kan

Eunoia Junior College

Mr Peng is a very patient and skilled teacher. His lessons are very interesting and he always shows many ways and tips to solve difficult questions. Personally, even though I started his tuition with a single digit score, he was always more than happy to guide me through questions and ensure that I understood my mistakes. He is also like a buddy to me, therefore his lessons were always very comfortable and enjoyable! I am super thankful to have him as a tuition teacher and for helping me regain my confidence in Math!

Alyssa Sarah Khoo

Nan Hua High School

Mr Peng is a very caring and dedicated teacher who always gives his best during every lesson and never fails to liven up the class. Through his passionate and determined efforts, I was able to grasp concepts that I was previously struggling in much better and I am grateful for his guidance and teaching.

Lim Kai June

National Junior College

Mr Peng is a very passionate and dedicated teacher. He is able to help me understand what I did wrong and guide me through the tricky questions step by step. With his helpful and engaging lessons, I am able to fully understand the questions and not make the same mistakes again. I am really thankful that I have him as my math tutor :)

Shannon Wong

Nan Hua High School

Mr Peng is a very caring and helpful teacher. He has helped me greatly in my math by always guiding me and making sure I understand my mistakes. With his help, I managed to improve my Math results. His lessons are also very interesting and he teaches us tips and tricks to tackle every question. I am really grateful to have a teacher like Mr Peng who is always ready to help.

Ignatius Chia

Nan Hua High School

In a short span of 4 months, Mr Peng has helped to improve my H2 math grades drastically. With his many years of teaching experience, Mr Peng hand-picks challenging questions for us to do in class, which has helped to prepare us for the A-Levels. He ensures that we understand, rather than simply memorising the method to solve a certain question such that we are able to apply the concepts to other questions. His approachable and friendly personality allows us to ask questions freely in class, helping to clear any queries and misconceptions we might have. Mr Peng takes the effort to get to know us outside of class and his time and effort spent on us goes to show how much he cares for his students.

Meagan Lim

National Junior College

Mr Peng is a very kind teacher. I had tuition at Math Academia for Science and Mathematics. My Mathematics has improved greatly after being taught under Mr Peng. He has given me many worksheets to practice and to understand better.

Ng Wee Li

Hillgrove Secondary School

The lessons were very detailed and it definitely improved my grades for Additional Math. He taught us well and is very caring too. Mr Peng has been very caring during lessons and he is very passionate when teaching. He has helped me gain more confidence in Mathematics and also made me like math. His classes were engaging and I would recommend people to join his classes!

Lydia Chan

Nanyang Junior College

Math Academia has helped me to improve tremendously in my Math. I personally think that it is very helpful for those that need a lot of help in Math.

Samuel Lau

Nan Hua High School

Mr Peng's lessons are helpful; he explains answers step by step, and will patiently repeat or add in extra details to clarify confusions. There are always different topics covered every lesson, which helps to refresh my memory of older topics, ensuring that I have a well-rounded understanding of the subject overall and how topics overlap with each other.

Swen Chia

Catholic Junior College

I have had a pleasant time being taught by the teachers here for 2 years. I have learnt a lot and these lessons were always helpful in supplementing my school lessons and ensuring that I understood the content I was taught.

Glenn Ying

Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)

Mr Peng is a caring and passionate teacher . He never fails to clarify my doubts. He is also a funny teacher who lifts the mood in the class thus we are more motivated to come for lessons. This tuition has helped me academically too as it boosted me to a better grade from a failing grade.

Ng Wen Wen

Yuan Ching Secondary School

Mr Peng is a passionate and caring tutor who is willing to do his best to help me. His lesson are detailed and fun as well.

Chua Jia En


Mr Peng is a very dedicated and caring teacher whom never fails to look after the well being of every student. He is also very patient in teaching.

Jane Koh

Commonwealth Secondary School

Mr Peng is a detail-oriented and patient teacher who is willing and ready to explain concepts to ensure that all his students understand. The resources he provides are comprehensive and suitable for the A level syllabus and serve as good practice and learning points! That aside he is also friendly and approachable, making the classroom setting suitable for learning.

Wang Shuning

River Valley High School

Been under Mr Peng for 4 years and I must say my confidence in doing math has been boosted alot over the years and will definitely recommend this place to anyone struggling with math!

Janelle Chia

Anderson Junior College

Mr Peng is a very nice tutor. His enthusiasm in teaching made the atmosphere in class so much better and fun. His explanations were clear and it benefitted me a lot! :-)

Tan Kwang Qi

Anglo-Chinese Junior College

Mr Peng is a very dedicated and passionate teacher! Even though I was in his class for only a few months, I was able to learn a lot and I felt that every lesson was meaningful! I am very grateful to have had him as my tutor :)

Lim Ji Xuan

Anglo-Chinese Junior College

Mr Peng is a patient and dedicated tutor who puts in his utmost effort to guide his students . He always encourage his students to do better and never fail to give valuable advice when need be . He will explain the mathematical concepts thoroughly and ensures that his students understand them even if it means that he has to take a longer time . He wants his students to excel and is the most genuine tutor you'll encounter . Math Academia has nurtured my love and interest towards mathematics!

Noah Chan

Anderson Junior College

Mr Peng is friendly and helpful teacher. He never fails to answer any queries or clarify doubts that we have in a detailed manner. I am thankful for Mr Peng as after attending his lessons, my math grades have really improved.

Verlyn Koh

National Junior College

Mr Peng is a caring teacher, who treats you like a friend at the same time so the atmosphere at MathAcademia is really very chill and fun ? I actually looked forward to going for classes!! I joined during June of my J2 year and my math grade jumped 4 grades by prelims!! :) On top of the classes, plenty of materials are given as well so that we can self study and then ask him questions during the next class. I am honestly very thankful because before I joined I had no idea what was going on with H2 maths!

Mya Thit Khet

Anglo-Chinese Junior College

Before joining Mr Peng’s class, I was getting a B4 for Emath and a D7 for Amath. I enrolled in his classes after hearing personal recommendations from my friends. His classes are fun and his teaching is effective and easy to understand. His classes have helped me greatly and I am now scoring A1s for both math subjects now!

Bryce Lee

Hua Yi Secondary School

Mr Peng is a very patient and approachable teacher and his lessons have helped me to fully grasp and understand concepts for both secondary and jc math in a short period of time. He focuses a lot on foundation math in secondary school and the rewards can be clearly seen during jc. I have become more confident in math after joining his lessons and have been doing well in the subject ever since.

Chan Lishan

Anderson Junior College

Other than the already expected qualities of a tutor (patient, understanding etc), he is also someone that I can relate to easily which makes tuition less of a chore. He is the main reason why my math results have been consistently good for the past 6 years since secondary 1 when I first attended his lessons.

Lynn Koh

Jurong Junior College

Mr Peng is a very passionate tutor and puts in a lot of effort in his teaching. He is always making sure that we are focused in class so that every lesson that we attend is beneficial to us. His notes are concise and summarised, which was very useful in my preparation for my national exams.

Benjamin Khoo

Jurong Junior College

Mr Peng has been of great help and he is the main reason why I excel in my math. As his student for 4 years, it brings me great pleasure to say that he has been one of the best tutors I have had. He is extremely understanding and approachable. My grades have definitely improved and his tuition is one of most effective tuition I have attended thus far.

Darius Koh

Hua Yi Secondary School

Mr Peng is a dedicated and fun tutor. He puts a lot of effort into making the learning of mathematics fun for us. His lessons are very engaging. If we do not understand a certain concept that is taught in school, he will think of another creative way of teaching so as to make us understand it. I have benefited from attending his lessons.

Ted Chiou

Nan Hua High School

Mr Peng’s lessons have been enriching and fun. He never fails to incorporate the element of fun into his lessons. He teaches with a lot of passion and is definitely one of the more interesting tutors I have had. My math has improved a lot after attending his classes!

Justin Lee

Gan Eng Seng Secondary

Mr Peng has taught me Math since Secondary 2. He is a dedicated teacher that tries his best to engage with the students and is always teaching us very efficient methods to solve complex questions. Personally, I have improved under his guidance and have found it much easier to cope with math.

Pearlyn Hsu

Nan Hua High School

Mr Peng has helped me tremendously ever since I started attending his lessons. He is very professional and dedicated in teaching. He encourages students to ask questions in class and not be afraid to speak up. He is not only a tutor, but also a friend!

James Chiang

Nan Hua High School

Mr Peng’s lessons are intense but also enjoyable. During his lessons, Mr Peng focuses on understanding and meaningful learning. His sessions are effective and delivers results. He not only gives us advice on how to do better in our studies, but also in life as well. This builds a very strong rapport between himself and his students.

Ng Xin Pei

Pioneer Junior College

Mr Peng is a tutor who has very good rapport with his students. I have enjoyed tuition under him since secondary school. His tuition has provided me with a lot of meaningful practices and it has made me content stronger. Maths have become my strongest subject after I enrolled into his tuition. After attending his classes, I have managed to improve from a just pass to an A1 in the O-levels and also have a strong finish for my A-levels.

Lee Kwee Chin

Pioneer Junior College

Mr Peng’s tuition has pushed me to my limits and with his help, I have been able to be more competent in the subject. He has been very inspiring both in and outside the classroom and he plays the role of not only a tutor, but also a mentor. He has indeed proven himself to be an outstanding teacher and someone who I can look for not just as a teacher, but also as a friend.

Jasper Ng

National Junior College

Mr Peng always gives us his in-house practices which is always of a higher level than the ones given in school. This allows me to be very well prepared for the school examinations. He places a strong emphasis on first having a strong foundation which has set me up for success. His teaching is clear and concise. He also makes sure that help is always available via Whatsapp during the crucial examination period and this has helped a lot in my preparation. His classes has helped me to greatly improve in my math.

Chaarvi Mitra

Bukit Batok Secondary School

Mr Peng dedicates a lot of effort in ensuring that each concept is fully understood before moving on to a new concept. He also exposes us to many different types of questions during the revision phase and ensures that we can handle any type of questions that may be tested in the national examinations. It has been really enjoyable being his tutee for the past few years.

Louis Kong

Bukit Panjang Govt High

Mr Peng is a very helpful and effective tutor who has helped me to take A-Math and E-Math as something fun to do. He makes it easier to understand the subject by providing a systematic plan of identifying and tackling my weaknesses in the subject.

Zion Tan

ACS Barker

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