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A-Maths Tutor In Singapore with Proven Track Record

Secondary 1 to 4
O-Level-A Maths Tuition

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With a 93% distinction rate for O-Level A-Math, the results speak for themselves about the effectiveness of our Additional Maths tuition classes and teaching pedagogies. Consistently producing distinctions and top scorers, Math Academia is driven by our desire to nurture passionate students and help them unleash their full potential. Our structured Additional Maths tuition classes in Singapore are taught by our expert A-Maths tutors who leverage high-quality resources. Due to the rising demand for our classes from students and parents alike, we have opened up more slots in our schedule. Long waitlists occur yearly, so sign up and reserve your spot before it is snapped up by others!

Nurturing a Love of Additional Maths with Skilled A-Maths Tutors

Aiming to be partners in education, Math Academia has been at the forefront of the Mathematics tuition industry in Singapore since 2015. Offering A-Maths tuition classes with structured lesson plans that align with the latest school syllabus in Singapore, we strengthen knowledge on key concepts and skills necessary in mastering the subject matter.

What Do A-Maths Tutors Teach in Additional Maths?

An optional subject upper secondary students can choose to take, the A-Maths syllabus prepares them for A-Level H2 Mathematics. Aiming to establish a strong foundation in algebraic manipulation and mathematical reasoning skills, taking on the challenge of this subject will enable students to have an aptitude for Mathematics to support learning throughout their academic journey.

Given the arduous assessment objectives of A-Maths, our A-Maths tutors will help with the conceptual understanding and skill proficiency in core content strands such as Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry, and Calculus. Our Additional Maths tuition programmes are also designed to nurture and assess important mathematical processes like reasoning, communication and application, to ensure a complete appreciation of the abstract nature and power of the subject.

Importance of A-Maths and Receiving Expert Tutoring

A natural progression into the A-Level H2 Maths syllabus, A-Maths opens doors to future-proof careers and several tertiary-level courses. From gaining proficiency in the main concepts that ensure students can ace tertiary-level exams to honing effective exam strategies, taking

A-Maths can greatly benefit any student. However, when it comes to A-Maths, understanding the core concepts is an important step towards establishing a firm foundation. This is where getting the help of A-Maths tutors can help your child excel in the subject.


With a team of MOE-trained A-Math tutors in Singapore, our Additional Maths tuition classes provide students with the know-how on how to stay ahead of the curve and competition. Equipping students with the knowledge to tackle high-order challenging questions by utilising hand-picked resources, we aim to hone the important analytical and quick-thinking skills to fully prepare students for all challenges that lie ahead.

Top-Quality Resources To Help Your Child

Tapping on a wealth of experience from years of teaching Additional Maths Tuition in Singapore, students are equipped with the necessary knowledge to spot keywords in questions and to attempt them systematically. Our top-quality resources give students exposure to an extensive range of questions. These, together with the guidance of our A-Maths tutors, notes help to familiarise them with the techniques and formats in order to help achieve mastery over various topics, empowering them to sit confidently for their tests and O Level examinations. Help your child gain a leg up over other students and gain a competitive advantage now!


Every parent wants the best for their child and to see them succeed in all that they do. With Math Academia’s experienced and qualified A-Math tutors in Singapore, you can help your child excel in their learning now. To find out more, you can check out our frequently asked questions, fill up an enquiry form or get in touch with us.

Set Your Child Up For Success With Math Academia

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Taught by: Mr Peng Junyang

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