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JC Math Tuition
A Level Tuition

JC H2 Math Tuition (A Level)

Specialist A Level Math Tutor

The JC tutoring team is led by the Principal Tutor of Math Academia, Mr Peng, securing high distinction rates and top student awards yearly in Singapore for JC H2 Math. Through each tuition lesson, our JC tutors train student to be critical thinkers with a defined ability to solve challenging questions. Critical thinking  is a skill that will stand them in good stead not just for their A Level Examinations, but for university and the rest of their lives. Check out our schedule to help your child be a critical thinker  that will ace their examinations today!

Quality Resources Crafted by Tutor

All our JC Math tuition resources for classes are tailor-made by our tutors for a custom learning experience and a focus on key questions and concepts.

Concept and Application-based learning

Each weekly tuition session at our centre are planned by our experienced A Level tutor, follows a bottom-up approach which builds a strong foundation for students, especially with the rigour of JC Math. This will be carried forward to common A Level math questions and higher level thinking.

A Level Math is essential for a wide range of university courses, such as Applied Mathematics, Engineering and Physics. In JC1, students will solidify their pure math skills, while in JC2, they learn statistics and sharpen their application skills. 

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Supplementary Exercises and Round-the-Clock Support

Learning takes place 24/7. We provide additional support for students, including extra practice and comprehensive tuition notes  for JC Math to aid their studying.

Collaboration & Activities

Through discussions and interactive teaching in our H2 Math tuition classes, students voice out and clarify common misconceptions.

Taught by: Mr Peng Junyang

Our Latest June Holiday Programme 2023

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The 4-day intensive aimed at touching on key concepts and eliminating common mistakes, followed by application in real-world situations.

Students used H2 Math Topics to solve a crime case as a finale activity, encouraging discussion and allowing students to present their methods. The crime case required students to apply textbook concepts into a real situation. They were given evidence such as floor plans, video captures, medical reports and more, where they performed analysis and drew relationships to find the culprit.




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