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Primary School Tuition

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Primary Math Tuition (P5 to P6)

At Math Academia, we strive to instill interest in Mathematics at a young age. With a strong understanding of Primary Level Math, students build confidence and are inclined to perform better in higher education.


Our math tutors make Primary Math Tuition both an enjoyable and intuitive learning process to form a love for the subject. This makes it easier to impart important concepts of problem-solving and real-life application, which are now common questions in the PSLE.

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Taught by: Mr Kenneth Tan

Primary Science Tuition (P5 to P6)

In our Primary School Science tuition classes, we use hands-on experiments and real-life examples to teach important scientific concepts. This constructs a stronger foundation and makes lessons enjoyable for students as they delve into more difficult topics along the way. This is supported by comprehensive notes which helps students convert basic knowledge into the application of scientific concepts and answering techniques in order to express their understanding proficiently.


Our Science tutors have taught in Singapore's Top Primary Schools and are very experienced in the holistically nurturing your child.

secondary scence tutor

Taught by: Mr Kenneth Tan

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