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Why Starting Maths Exams Revision is a Good Idea

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

Do you have a primary school, secondary school, or junior college math exam coming up? Are you properly and adequately prepared? Obtaining and practising past years’ math exam as well as targeted topical revision papers is one of the most effective strategies when preparing for your Math exams. This is especially so in the case of topical revision math papers, as students revise math questions from concept level to higher-order critical thinking for each topic.

With constant practice, you will definitely stand the chance of doing well in your forthcoming. However, you might be wondering how and where you can obtain these past years’ math exam and topical revision papers. Read on to learn how math exam revision is essential in your quest to do well, and where you can get topical revision resources and past years’ practice papers for your Math exams.

Why is Math Revision Important?

Mathematics is one of the main subjects in the Singapore education system, in other words as one of the main subjects in the Singapore academic syllabus, students will have to put in the effort to study and master it. Math is used in our daily lives, from figuring out the distance, time, and cost involved in traveling, to understanding loans for big ticket items.

The only way to ascertain your understanding and progress is to test your understanding of math topics, and identify knowledge gaps that you’ll need to improve on. The best way to approach this is through revision. Without revision and practice, you will find it hard to pass or even ace your math exam, which is crucial in academic progress, as some tertiary courses in polytechnics, especially those in engineering, require top grades in math, and this consequently will affect your career choices.

Students are sometimes required to process a large amount of data in a short amount of time, as math is a school subject that requires a lot of calculation. Without constant practice, the many math formulas that you have learnt might be forgotten. As this article states, revision entails going over previously taught material again and again to make it clear and fresh in your memory.

Benefits of Math Revision

Revision is a dreaded activity as it is known for being laborious and boring. This is not the case with Math Academia, as our maths tuition in Singapore provides engaging and interactive study methods that make revision an enjoyable process. That being said, we also ensure that proper approaches are used and optimum efficiency is achieved. Here are some benefits of math revision through our math tutors.

Sharpen Your Skills

You can improve your abilities by practising on topical revision papers as well as previous years’ math exam questions under the supervision of a qualified math tutor. These topical questions and past years’ papers will help you remember what you have learnt in class. Furthermore, it helps you put the math topics you've been studying into practice.

Going through the previous years’ math exam as well as topical revision papers with a tutor is a great way to prepare for your forthcoming math exam, as the help provided by a tutor will aid you in acquiring the correct answers, correct calculation methods, as well as explanations of why a certain math question is being done this way. This ensures that you’re able to focus on your weaker math topics.

Reduce Exam Anxiety

When examinations approach, students frequently experience anxiety. Their brains often wonder how the tests will go and what kind of grades they will be getting. Some become ill as a result of their inability to control these feelings or reassure themselves.

You can conquer nervousness by mentally preparing yourself for what is to come and proving to yourself that you are prepared through constant revision. Exam questions and the structure of the paper will become more familiar as you study topical revision and past years’ math exam papers. Consequently, you'll be more relaxed because you’d know exactly what to expect and how to approach each question.

Improved Time Management

When taking school exams, one of the most important things to remember is to manage your time. It will help you in answering all of the questions and checking your answers before submitting your test paper, thus ensuring the best results. You’ll need to learn to divide your time between answering all of the questions and checking them for potential mistakes.

Past years’ math exam practice papers might help you learn how to manage your time effectively. It's essential to practice completing the paper in an exam setting by timing yourself, so you can figure out how much time you'll have for each question and which ones will take you longer to complete. Your math tutor can serve as an invigilator, determining where you should focus your revising efforts in the future.

Better Revision Opportunities Through Maths Tuition in Singapore

You should spend your revision time wisely and meaningfully. Exam revision does not only consist of practice, it also requires you to challenge your understanding with higher-order thinking questions.

At Math Academia, you are not just a student going through routine preparation for your math exams, what you are getting is all rounded revision via carefully curated resources. On a weekly basis, students will receive booklets for each topic to practise on during the learning stage, and topical revision booklets toward the end of term to revise in preparation of their math exams. In addition, our extensive online resources are connected to Singapore’s national curricula and include all the knowledge needed to revise for tests and exams efficiently. Students may access our Youtube channel for a review of questions they find tough or visit our student portal for extra revision material, both topical and in the form of curated exam papers.

Contact us today and take calculated steps to ensure your success!

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