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Group vs Private Maths Tutoring: Which is Better for Your Child

When it comes to choosing maths tuition for your child, you have two main options: group classes or private lessons. Some parents may feel that their child can learn better in a one-on-one setting where they can receive individual attention from the tutor. Others believe that group tuition provides a more well-rounded learning experience, as it gives the child the opportunity to interact with their peers and learn how to work together. Here’s what to look at when choosing maths tuition in Singapore:

Benefits of Group Tuition

Learn from their peers

For starters, group maths tuition can offer a supportive environment where your child can feel comfortable asking questions and participating in discussions. As your child interacts with other students, it provides an opportunity for peer-to-peer learning where they can explain their thinking to others and hear different approaches to solving problems. This will, in turn, help your child to develop their own problem-solving skills and deepen their understanding of mathematical concepts.

Build social skills

Joining a group maths tuition class can also do wonders for your child socially. Your child will be placed in a small group of peers who they will see regularly, providing them with the opportunity to build relationships and socialise. The structure of group tuition provides countless opportunities for social interaction, as your child will be brainstorming with others on problems and collaborating on solutions. It’s no surprise if your child starts enjoying maths more after attending group tuition sessions!

Group tuition can also be a great way for shy or introverted students to come out of their shells. In a small group setting, your child will have the chance to voice their opinions and share their ideas without feeling overwhelmed or embarrassed.

As such, group maths tuition can help your child to develop confidence as they become more comfortable speaking up, demonstrating their calculations and participating in discussions during tuition. Group tuition can thus be an excellent way for your child to build social skills that will benefit them both inside and outside of the classroom.

Provide built-in motivation

In addition, a group tuition setting can also inspire your child to do their best and stay motivated. Being in a group creates a sense of friendly competition and camaraderie, which helps to push each child to do better. This shared sense of purpose will create a positive and supportive atmosphere, where everyone can learn and grow together. An experienced tutor will also foster a lively and interactive learning environment, which will make studying more engaging for your child.

Features of Private Tuition

Focus on specific areas of difficulty

Private tuition, on the other hand, takes place in a one-to-one setting where the focus is solely on the individual student. This means that your child will receive support that is designed to help them improve in their areas of weakness. By focusing on the topics that your child struggles with the most in maths, a tutor can help to close the gap and ensure that your child stays on track.

Go at their own pace

One of the main advantages of private tuition is that it allows your child to learn at a speed that they are comfortable with. This can be beneficial for slow learners, who may need more time to understand concepts. However, this can also be a disadvantage. If your child does not feel challenged, they can become too comfortable and start to fall behind.

That’s Where Math Academia Comes In

At Math Academia, our centre accommodates students who study at different paces. For students who learn slower, we offer personalized consultation sessions. For students who learn fast, we have a library of extra practice curated by our tutors - topical / exam revision, offered to them if they are performing well in class. In addition, our teaching methods are tailored to suit the needs of the class. Rather than the usual school teaching approach, we use discussions, games, quizzes and videos to engage students. This is something you may not get in a one-to-one setting. If you would like to strike a balance between private and group tuition in Singapore, Math Academia provides a happy medium for your child.

Here, our classes can help your child catch up or stay on top of their game while progressing through their maths syllabus with confidence. Whether your child is in need of JC A Level H2 math tuition or O-Level maths tuition, discover how our tutors can help them thrive and develop a love for learning in this subject.

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