Upper Secondary Tuition

Secondary 3 to 4

Our O Level Math Tuition classes are the

MOST POPULAR here at Math Academia.

The intense and rigorous sessions drill key learning points into students and ensure a strong foundation before expanding into more detailed concepts. We experience waitlists yearly during sign-ups, so be sure to

grab that spot when it's still available! 

Upper Secondary School Fees

Price: $248 / 4 Lessons

Bundle Price (4 Subjects): E Math + A Math + Chemistry + Physics/Biology

$888 / 16 Lessons

Each lesson is 1.5 hours long and occurs once a week.

Fees will be pro-rated according to number of lessons in a month.

Upper Sec E Math Tuition

Our E Math tutors provide students opportunities to connect to real-life applications, and engage them in meaningful and positive learning experiences, in order to solidify concepts necessary for A Math and higher education.

To prepare students for the demands of the O and N Level Mathematics examination, we aim to develop their ability to communicate mathematical ideas and concepts efficiently. Our E math tuition classes are one of our most popular classes, forming the basis for any further learning.

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Taught by: Mr Peng Junyang, Mr Alex Leong and Mr Ivan Yow

Upper Sec A Math Tuition

Here at Math Academia, we tailor our weekly lessons to suit the needs of students in the class. During Additional Math tuition classes, students undergo 'scaffolding', where they are presented to new concepts with simple questions. Once familiar with concepts, challenging questions are introduced to help them advance and progress in their mathematical skills. 

Excelling in A Math is crucial as it directly affects the courses available in JC and Poly. Based on the current MOE syllabus, the content comprises mainly of four strands - Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry and Calculus.

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Taught by: Mr Peng Junyang and Mr Ivan Yow

Chemistry, Biology & Physics Tuition

Our Upper Secondary Science tuition prepare students for the O Level and N Level examinations through the sharpening of their scientific knowledge and intensive practice on key questions. With our specialised answering techniques from a detailed analysis of past-year examinations, students here eliminate common misconceptions in their understanding and become proficient in knowing the requirements of each question. 

We have a range of highly qualified and popular Science tutors teaching O Level Chemistry, Biology and Physics, who are passionate to teach your child. Enrol now!

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Taught by: Mr Ivan Yow and Mr Peter N.