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Peng Junyang

Principal Tutor

University of Florida

M.Sc. Mathematics

Masters in Teacher Leadership for School Improvement

Nanyang Technological University (NTU)/

National Institute of Education (NIE)

B.Sc Hons, Degree in Education

Nominated for Most Caring Teacher Award

Member of:

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, Association of Mathematics Teacher Education, Singapore Mathematical Society, London Mathematical Society, The Mathematical Society, The Mathematical Association (UK)

Mr Peng sets high standards of teaching, imparting clear and specific concepts to students and sharpening their analytical and evaluation skills. All this, while prioritizing his connection with students on an interpersonal level, in order to fully nurture them.


With over 8 years of teaching experience both as an ex-MOE teacher and as a tutor, Mr Peng has taught both locally and abroad, with many of his students securing government scholarships and places in prestigious universities. Having taught students of different profiles and backgrounds, he firmly believes that his success as a tutor is based on his students' success in their academic results and overall holistic education. 

Mr Peng specialises as an O Level and A Level math tutor, teaching our most popular Secondary and JC Math tuition classes, which has constantly received overwhelming response. He has produced top students in various secondary schools, and achieved a consistent rate of distinctions.


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Tutor's Foreword

Dear Parents and Students,

Welcome to Math Academia. This is a big step in your journey towards securing those distinctions in Math.

“Math is all about practice”. You would have probably heard this from many tutors and teachers and I cannot disagree more. With the ever changing school syllabus, Math is no longer just that. To excel in Math, you need to have a good mix of practice and understanding.

In the recent years, there have been more real-life application questions being set in the O Levels and A Levels, which require students to apply simple theorems on a new level. These questions are also known as application or “Higher Order Thinking” questions. Such questions will differentiate the best students from the average. Routine and procedural questions may help a student pass the examination, but for you to score and be among the best, it is important that you expose yourself to such questions in your revision. Unlike the past, practicing without understanding is no longer relevant and it deprives you of any meaningful learning. When learning lacks meaning and relevance, naturally one would lose interest. That is where the rot sets in and it starts to go downhill. I hope the video in this website gives you further insight into our lessons, where we enforce strong concepts and do intensive drilling.


Getting an A in your exams is not an impossible task. The journey to being proficient in Math does not have to be painful, meaningless and boring. I am confident that I am your best partner in education and I look forward to hearing from you.

Your partner in education,

Peng Junyang

Math Academia


Mr Ivan Yow

Associate Tutor | Upper Secondary Physics & Biology

National University of Singapore (NUS)
PhD, Mechanobiology

The Open University

M.A., Education Leadership and Management

Nanyang Technological University (NTU)

M.Sc., Engineering Physics/ Applied Physics

National University of Singapore

B.Sc., Life Sciences (Molecular Cell Biology)

Excellent Service Award (Silver & Gold) for two consecutive years in MOE

Member of:

Singapore Institute of Biology, Institute of Physics, Singapore, Biophysical Society, Royal Society of Biology

Mr Ivan Yow has spent 6 years teaching in top local schools and has more than 10 years of tutoring experience. He is also a current co-lecturer for the NUS University Scholars Programme. Highly qualified and experienced, Mr Yow is able to prepare the students to the best of their ability for their examinations through his structured and interactive lessons.

Mr Yow specialises as an O Level and A Level Math and Science Tutor, who never fails to captivate the students with intriguing explanations and examples, which grows the interest of the each subject in students. His profession as a tutor at Math Academia has produced consistent distinctions and a passion in students for the subjects he teaches.

Mr Sherman Tan

Associate Tutor | Lower/Upper Secondary English Language and Junior College General Paper

Harvard University

The Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning Higher Education Teaching Certificate (By distance) 

The Australian National University

Doctor of Philosophy | Ph.D. Candidate Gender, Media and Cultural Studies

The Australian National University 

Bachelor of Philosophy (Hons.) | Ph.B. (Hons.) Sociology and Linguistics First Class Honours in Anthropology 

Mr Sherman Tan possesses nearly ten years of experience coaching students, in both English and the Humanities. Sherman also previously spent five years as Alumni-Mentor, Relief Educator and the Interim Theatre Manager at Anglo Chinese Junior College and its Centre for Performing Arts, where he worked with students in Theatre Studies and Drama (TSD), English Language and Linguistics (ELL), General Paper (GP) and Knowledge and Inquiry (KI). He believes in nurturing critical and creative thought, geared at producing independent learners. His classroom style may be best described as energetic and lively, having built nurturing and life-long friendships with his students, over the years.


Mr Peter Nappalli

Associate Tutor | Lower/Upper Secondary Science

With over 20 years of teaching experience, Mr Peter has a wealth of experience teaching students from diverse backgrounds. His strong knowledge of the MOE curriculum comes from the years he spent teaching at Ang Mo Kio Secondary School, Yishun Secondary School as well as Jurong Secondary School. His lessons are upbeat and cheerful, making the learning experience an enjoyable one for his students. He incorporates experiential learning in his lessons, encouraging his students to open up and learn through experiments. Through his lessons, his students are able to see relevance in learning, bringing Science lessons to life for them. His passion and love for Science have definitely rubbed off on his students, inspiring them to excel in the subject. 

primary tutor singapore
Mr Kenneth Tan

Associate Tutor | Lower/Upper Primary Mathematics and Science

Mr Kenneth Tan has served 10 years in a MOE School and was appointed as the Subject Head during his time in the school. With his experience, he is able to curate learning materials that help his students understand complex concepts better. He hand-picks questions to ensure that students have a well-rounded understanding of the topics and provide them with a wide range of questions to prepare them for their examinations. His detailed explanation of concepts allow his students to truly understand, rather than simply memorising the methods of solving. A dedicated and passionate teacher, Mr Kenneth is able to make learning enjoyable for his students, pushing them to perform to the best of their abilities.

primary tutor singapore

Ms Jamie Ng Li Xia

Associate Tutor | Upper Primary Mathematics

Ms Ng is an ex-MOE experienced tutor with a proven track record of high distinction rates. She achieves this via her specially curated teaching approaches to identify and conquer a wide range of Heuristics word-problems that are prevalent in the Primary School syllabus. With more than 5 years of experience as a Mathematics tutor, she is able to interact and form connections with students well and prepare them for excellence in the PSLE examinations. 

Dip. in Biotechnology 

science tutor singapore
Mr John Cheong

Associate Tutor | Lower Secondary Science 

As an ex-MOE tutor with over 20 years of teaching experience, Mr John Cheong has helped improve the results of numerous batches of students. With his experience in Juying Secondary School as well as St. Joseph Institution International, he is able to help his students gain an in-depth understanding of the syllabus and often point out the common misconceptions to prepare his students for their examinations. With his strong knowledge of the Sciences, he never fails to make his lessons lively and fun, allowing his students to learn and enjoy themselves at the same time. 


Mr Alex Leong

Associate Tutor | Lower/Upper Secondary Mathematics

Monash University

B.Sc. Deg. in Biotechnology

Mr Leong is a subject matter expert for Chemistry and Mathematics, with over 10 years of teaching experience. His previous experiences with international and local students has made him very well equipped to prepare his students for the O Level Examinations. He is able to simplify complex concepts and is always so patient in helping his students. 
“As long as you are willing to learn, I am willing to teach.”


Mr Chan Wee Kiat

Associate Tutor | Lower/Upper Secondary Mathematics

Mr Chan is an ex-MOE teacher with 8 years of teaching experience in Mathematics, and is very familiar with the O and N level syllabuses. As an educator, he believes in the importance of understanding and internalisation of concepts rather than learning by rote, and is skilled at using a variety of pedagogy to help his students learn effectively. Mr Chan is a strong believer of the growth mindset, and believes that every student is capable of achieving what he or she sets their minds to. With his rich teaching experience under his belt, Mr Chan is adept at working with a range of students to help each of them achieve their highest potential, and feels that he gains the greatest joy in witnessing students grow in confidence of themselves.

Nanyang Technological University (NTU)/ National Institute of Education (NIE)
B.Sc Hons, Degree in Education 
Outstanding Contribution Award (Team), 2013, 2014 

primary math tutor
Ms Jackline Chang

Associate Tutor | Lower/Upper Primary Mathematics 

Ms Jackline began her teaching career 5 years ago as a private tutor and has been continuing her passion for teaching ever since. Ms Jackline often finds creative ways to reinforce her students' understanding of the topics and ensures that they are able to keep up with her lessons by frequently checking on their progress. She never fails to answer her student's queries, providing them support outside of lessons as well. A lively and dedicated tutor, she is able to form strong bonds with her students, making her weekly lessons something her students look forward to every week. 

Ms Jovina Phay

Associate Tutor | Lower/Upper Primary Mathematics

With over 5 years of teaching experience, Ms Jovina is a qualified tutor who has taught in top tuition centres. Her past experiences have shaped her into the patient and meticulous tutor she is. A kind and approachable tutor, her students are comfortable with expressing their doubts and questions, greatly benefiting the students as Ms Jovina helps to clear their misconceptions. Her teaching approach have greatly benefited her students in better understanding the subject. With a strong drive and dedication for teaching, her efforts can be seen in the consistent academic performance of her students, delivering a strong record of high distinction rates.