Secondary IP
Math Tuition

Secondary 1 to 4

Secondary IP Math Tuition

The Right Learning Approach

The IP math curriculum at Math Academia is curated specially by our tutors, emphasizing concept attainment through fundamental understanding, critical reasoning and skills application. Math lessons provide careful scaffolding, stretching and monitoring of students' learning. With a comprehensive range of challenging questions from top IP schools, our students are well-prepared for the academic challenges in school.

School-specific Tutoring

In order to cater to students' learning needs, classes at Math Academia are grouped by school. This allows appropriate matching of topic sequencing, pacing and depth across various IP schools. For Secondary 1 and 2. the main topics covered are Numbers, Algebra, Geometry, Mensuration and Trigonometry. For Secondary 3 and 4, topics such as Further Algebra, Trigonometry, Proof in Geometry, Functions and Calculus will be covered.

Mathematics Curriculum Framework

Mathematical Modelling Process

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