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Why Should You Get O Level Maths Tuition?

As parents, it is natural to worry about your child’s school results. And when the ever-important O Level examinations are round the corner, panic may start to set in. For complex subjects such as maths or science, going for tuition may be beneficial in helping your child overcome challenges and provide guidance along the way. In this blog, we will share why it is important to consider this aspect if your child is in secondary school.

Common Challenges of Preparing For O Level Maths

One of the biggest hurdles when it comes to tackling O Level maths is the sheer overload of information. Majority of the O Level content is taught in Secondary 3, so students must be able to quickly grasp what is being taught. At the same time, they will need to develop a set of examination skills within a short period of time – time management, prioritisation and problem-solving being some of the critical ones.

Eventually, your child will also be faced with mounting expectations, both from the school and probably at home. Navigating these challenges can become overwhelming for teenagers, especially if they are already struggling with the basic maths foundation.

As such, engaging the help of tutors or supplementary classes may be an effective way to boost the students’ understanding of these complex topics.

Why is Maths Tuition Important?

While maths equations are sometimes difficult for students to grasp, it is also partly due to the impression that such knowledge cannot be applied in real life. The truth is that while you may not use trigonometry daily, mastering maths also aids in the development of our analytical and problem solving abilities – both of which are important skills to have.

As a result, taking O Level maths tuition will greatly assist these students to gain a fresher perspective of the subject. Whether your child can already solve most mathematical problems, or is struggling with the basic concepts, O Level maths tuition in Singapore can go a long way in bringing him or her closer to the academic goals.

Benefits of Maths Tuition

As a foundation subject that is required in most courses in tertiary institutions, having a strong understanding of maths is really important. Apart from being a core component of many subjects, it is also a highly competitive one. With Singapore ranking first amongst other countries when it comes to this subject, receiving tuition can make all the difference in helping your child rise to the top.

At Math Academia, our tuition programmes not only help develop and strengthen that foundation; we also teach our students to analyse a problem, hypothesise on possible solutions, test them out, and come to the best outcome.

Tuition helps students think outside the box, which will help cultivate patterns which extend throughout their entire lives. With tuition, students are given the opportunity to fail, and then learn from their mistakes. When your child enrols with us, he or she will:

Sharpen essential skills

Basic maths abilities include the ability to calculate numbers, sizes, and other metrics. Adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing are principles that serve as a basis for learning and applying more complex ideas. Sharpening these essential maths skills will benefit you in your future career as well as in everyday life.

Our O Level maths or focus tuition classes in Singapore will help students sharpen these core maths skills to better apply them in more complex scenarios.

Be able to apply concepts effectively

Maths is an essential component of human reasoning and cognition. Understanding the topics of other educational disciplines such as science, geography, social studies, arts and music is dependent on this technical knowledge. As such, maths is a great approach to develop mental discipline while also encouraging logical thinking.

Students can use more advanced arithmetic, such as geometry, calculus and algebra, to answer chemistry problems, explain planet rotations, and evaluate scientific findings. In practical disciplines such as computer science and engineering, maths is also vital.

Get better options

Many courses in polytechnics and junior colleges require at least a pass in maths for students to be considered for enrolment. Some lucrative courses, such as the Diploma in Optometry have even identified this subject as one of the biggest requirements.

Excelling in maths opens up more doors to a wider range of academic options, and therefore better career opportunities in future.

Be Prepared With Math Academia

As the O Level maths exams approach, many students and parents get anxious, worried, and overwhelmed. It's important to remember, though, that these maths papers are nothing to be afraid of if you know how to prepare. When it comes to preparing our students for O Levels, our tutors will focus on sharpening essential skills, being flexible in applying them across different topics, and consolidating secondary school knowledge to widen their aptitude in this challenging subject.

O Level maths exams consolidate everything you have learned throughout secondary school and require you to be able to apply essential maths skills at a level of understanding that proves you understand how to identify, examine, and solve a variety of problems.

Maths is a build-on subject which means that you learn the above-mentioned essential skills and then build on those concepts into trigonometry and other more complex concepts. Tuition can help you identify any areas that you battle with so that you can improve on those areas.

Contact Math Academia today to learn more about our maths focus classes in Singapore and how we can help prepare you for O Level exams.

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