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Tuition... A Necessity for Success?

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

Singapore’s education system is known to be extremely rigorous, and so is the competition between students. As the average income of Singaporeans is rising, parents are willing to fork out more money to send their children for tuition, to combat this problem. The desire for their children to perform well and secure a place in a good school has led to tuition becoming almost a necessity for every young Singaporean.

With all this undue stress we put on these children, we ask ourselves again: do they really need it?

From Primary School to Junior College, students have to uptake compulsory CCAs and attend extra classes. Aside from these, parents send them for tuition after school to give them an extra helping hand. With busier schedules, students may overload and stress out, having little time to relax and play. However, something very few people see from sending students for tuition is - even though it may pressure the student initially, it can help the student produce improved results and be ahead in their work, reducing stress levels and finding time to relax.

Some would argue that students are constantly attached to their devices these days, so they can simply seek help independently by searching online. This also saves a huge sum of money on tuition fees and teaches the student to learn independently. However, online sources and books these days cannot be compared to the accurate notes and teaching professional tutors can provide. Resources from tuition centres are tailored exactly to meet the student’s needs as it follows the school’s syllabus. This makes it easier for students to find the information they are looking for, and learn more efficiently. It also eliminates the numerous distractions on mobile devices, as the tutor keeps them focused.

Every parent wants the best for their child, which makes going for tuition often expensive. Prices of good tuition may be higher and the parent would want to enrol in a more effective tuition centre. The question “is tuition really necessary?” is most often asked here, as we consider the costs. Each tuition centre adopts a different approach to teaching their students, thus it may not be if it is a “good” tuition centre, but rather what teaching methods they use and how your child learns best. This can help you save money while looking for a suitable tuition centre.

Tuition can prove to be a good source of help for students falling behind in school. The lack of teachers and fast-paced teaching in schools lead to many students requiring extra help to clarify their doubts on what is being taught. Tuition allows students to have more access to help and practice, which reinforces their learning and understanding of the subject.

Moreover, with intense academic competition in school and even for Secondary School and University spots, some tuition centres put students ahead of peers by teaching ahead of the school’s syllabus. This benefits students as they get a headstart and understand more, allowing them to participate better and engage in more meaningful lessons in school. Being ahead also means more time for revision and practice before major exams.

As youths, they get distracted easily and want to go out and play. Yet, have the responsibility of studying. Often, younger students lack the discipline to study on their own, thus attending tuition helps to build good studying habits outside of school, and consolidate the knowledge imparted into the student in school and better understand concepts.

The bottom line is - tuition is not a necessity, but a guiding hand for those who need extra help. It is important to know that hard work is the key to success and tuition solely serves to help boost the confidence and knowledge in the student.

Math Academia helps students discover their true potential. Our friendly teachers, interactive lessons and a comfortable learning environment, serves to bring students into a learning paradise instead of a stress-inducing hole. We provide a learning experience enjoyable enough for them to love the subject and excel in it, without having them feel like it’s a chore to attend tuition. Our trained and qualified teachers have shown improved results and a high number of distinctions among students, while helping them appreciate the subject and boost confidence.

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