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Did You Say... School Holidays?

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

You made it out once again of another school semester! Now, it’s time to finally to relieve some stress. Living in this tiny island of Singapore, you may find it boring after a while, because you would be like “been there, done that” and feel that there are no exciting things to do here. That’s why you need a School Holiday Bucket List! Singapore has many hidden gems, even if you are not into exploring new places, there are tons of things you can do.

Here are 20 things you can add onto your Holiday Bucket List to spice up your holidays with no regrets:

Relax by the waters!

Head to the beach or poolside and soak in some summer sunshine with your friends. Enjoy a day of beach volleyball or a nice cool drink, while admiring the extent of the sea.

BBQ or steamboat with friends

Go grocery shopping with your friends to buy ingredients and book a BBQ pit, or have a steamboat in the comfort of your homes.  This calls for some bonding and games!

Relive your childhood at Admiralty Park Playground

Home to 26 slides, this playground is nothing short of a child’s wonderland. Nestled within a park, its lush greenery takes you away from the bustling city to enjoy a time of fun.

Have a little game of mini golf

The hype for mini golf is in, so head on down to Holey Moley for a sweet, unique game of mini golf and yummy snacks! 

Catch up on the latest season of your favourite show

There’s finally time for some guilt-free binging on the hottest dramas and series! 

Picnic and fly kites at Marina Barrage

Gather your friends and spread your mats on the open grass atop Marina Barrage! Indulge in the view of the cityscape while playing frisbee, flying kites, taking Instagrammable photos and of course, eating some yummy picnic food.

Go rock climbing at Climb Central

Well, I’m sorry, but the holiday eating also calls for some exercise! And who says exercise isn’t fun! A friendly place for beginners, Climb Central is a great place for bonding and working those muscles after a long, stiff period of studying.

Watch the sunrise at Changi Beach Park

If you’ve never tried waking up at 5am to sit along the waters of Changi Beach, then you’ve probably never seen the most beautiful sunrise in Singapore. Have a stay-cay at a chalet nearby or take an early drive to catch this amazing view.

Go on a day trip to Johor Bahru

Just a bus ride away, Johor Bahru is an easy escape away from the Singapore, to a place with cheap and definitely delicious food, massages and lots of shopping to help you relax this holiday season. 

For the gals, get a mani-pedi

Self-care Saturdays calls for a mani-pedi! A little self-care won’t do much harm to your wallet, now that there are so many promotions available on the net. For cheaper options, use Fave vouchers - you can’t only stop at nails!

Visit Singapore’s very own countryside

The Kranji Countryside is home to Singapore’s very own farms and nurseries you never knew existed. Help yourself to some fresh produce and inhale the fresh air as it is far from the congestion in the city.

Recycle or sell your old things

Selling your old books, clothes or items which are still usable and make a little cash to treat yourself to some shopping and fun during the holiday season. Recycling your things helps to save the environment while keeping your workspace tidy!

Learn the art of bullet journaling

Bullet journaling is all about planning your days out with an aesthetic touch. Organise your days and include a mood meter to track your emotions, a bucket list checklist and also an array of colours to jazz up your journals.

Sweat it out!

Health Promotion Board has given incentives for exercise in Singapore. So be it joining a public zumba workout below a shopping mall, or using HPB’s complimentary sessions at certain gym branches, you will be able to go for a workout in style and save money. You could also try out new sports by signing up for trial classes!

Get a job

Find a part-time job and gain some work experience while earning some extra pocket money for your holiday outings.

Get a head start for the next semester

Read up your textbooks in advance to prepare yourself for the next school term, so that you’ll be more familiar with what is being taught in class and understand better.

Learn some new skills!

Attend some enrichment classes and learn new skills, like a new language, pottery, cooking, or maybe a new dance! Do something you’re interested in and make your holidays a productive one.

Volunteer at a charitable organisation

Use your free time to do some rewarding charity work. What better way to spend your holidays than helping the needy and brightening their days!

Get a digital marketing certificate for free!

Google Digital Garage has many free online courses available for you to learn something new and get certified for it. It’s easily understandable online lessons and quizzes could help you one-up your resume.

Shop for the festive season

Whether it is your winter or summer break, it does call for some seasonal shopping. A cute warm christmas sweater, or some beachwear, revamp your closet and prepare yourself to celebrate the holiday season.


A bucket list is a must-have while you are still young, so that you can have more purpose and experience new things. All students look forward to the holidays, as they can finally relax and have some fun. As important as it is to revise and prepare yourself for the next semester academically, mental and physical health is equally important. Spend time with your friends and family, do something fun, and get active! 

Happy Holidays!

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