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Good Eating Habits Lead to Higher Productivity

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

Does dozing off or being easily distracted in class sound familiar?

It is undoubtedly difficult for students to remain focused in school, with the academically-demanding educational curriculum, CCAs, and external activities that drain them of their energy. Losing focus in class, the student  may fail to understand key concepts and fall behind in his work, and so it is extremely crucial for a student to be able to concentrate.

In our daily routines, we often pay little attention to what we eat, except the more known basics of healthy eating - holding back on the fatty food and sweets, and eating more vegetables. Only a small handful would carefully plan their diets around their activities, although, it is extremely useful and  maximises their productivity. Changing your eating habits can help you say goodbye to dozing off in class, and hello to more productive days!

See your brain as the headquarters of your entire body, it controls all your functions and actions, and we will all be helpless without it. Eating brain-boosting foods can help develop brain power - memory, alertness and ability to learn, and thus have better concentration.

Here are some fuels for your brain:

Fish contains omega-3 fatty acids in of course, their fats, which is required by your brain to build brain and nerve cells. Eating more fatty fish, like salmon,  helps to improve your memory, and that includes the millions of formulae and pieces of information you learn in class. 

Broccoli contains vitamin K and choline which boosts your memory as well!

Dark chocolate improves cognitive abilities and blood flow in the brain, helping your brain juices  flow, and gets you thinking!

Whole grains provides the energy your brain needs without leaving it weak and tired. Whole grain foods release glucose into the bloodstream more steadily than other carbohydrates, so instead of reaching a peak in energy and then crashing, energy is supplied more regularly.

Eggs are a multi-beneficial food. It contains different vitamin Bs and choline which helps your brain perform and develop better, while improving your mood.

Nuts sharpen memory skills with its antioxidants and vitamin E, which also protects your brain from mental ageing and diseases.

Green Tea is an extremely rich drink that relieves anxiety makes you  feel relaxed, while its caffeine content keeps you alert and focused.

Blueberries allow your brain cells to communicate better and helps you to learn faster, while protecting your brain against ageing. 

By boosting your brain’s ability to focus, these foods can enhance your performance and increase your productivity while studying, making a study session more effective.

Do you wonder why after a good night’s sleep, you still feel tired in class?

Foods rich in protein and carbohydrates contains high amounts of trytophan, augmenting the body’s production of serotonin, a chemical that makes you sleepy. So… now you know! A plate of chicken rice may sound extremely appetising, but remember to limit the amount of protein and carbs you ingest if you’re about to sit for a long lecture.

Time for a change!

During stressful periods, for example, when nearing the exams, many tend to eat unhealthily, should it be excessive consumption of sweets and caffeine for an energy boost, or junk food for a quick meal so that there will be more time to study. These are poor eating habits that have to be ridden of, because not only does it affect your health, it hinders your ability to focus and makes you feel more tired. Instead of snacking on those, try snacking on nuts and blueberries, and perhaps switch in your coffee for a hot cup of green tea. These tasty alternatives entail much more benefits than your box of sugary candies.

Cultivating good eating habits and adopting these foods into your diet, you will be more fueled up to do your work. These foods are also accessible and easy to prepare, so don’t jump to the conclusion that healthy eating is a hassle. For a change, try having these foods instead of your usual, and see if it helps to enhance your productivity.

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