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Conquering 'O' Levels: Dissecting the Math Ten-year Series

Updated: Feb 20

O level exams, especially in maths, is an important milestone for many students in Singapore. The results of individual subjects in the O level exam determines which institutions you can get into; whether it be Polytechnic or Junior College. As such, it isn’t surprising that students pull out all the stops when preparing for their O levels so that they have the best chance of entering their dream schools. This typically entails attending E maths and A maths tuition as well as putting in hours of private study accompanied by a revision schedule.

However, there is one more invaluable resource that many school teachers and tutors would recommend – the Maths Ten-year series. But what is it about the Maths Ten-year series that makes many people consider it the "winning formula" for acing O level exams?

Why Practise the Math Ten-year Series?

The Maths Ten-year series is a collection of past GCE O level exam questions over the course of ten years. Updated annually to maintain relevance, this publication has many benefits that students can gain in preparation for their O levels:

1. Exposure to Various Exam Questions

Students can use the Maths Ten-year series to expose themselves to the type of questions typically used in O levels. Of course, the exact questions listed in the Maths Ten-year series will not show up in the year's annual O levels. However, the concept, topic, logical reasoning, and subject coverage largely remain the same.

Additionally, the Maths Ten-year series also prepares students to tackle questions designed to confuse and challenge them. Most questions in O levels will follow the syllabus, but there is the possibility of rephrased or seemingly unrelated questions popping up every now and then. Such tricky questions can be solved as long as students pay attention to potentially hidden variables and nuances of phrasing. No doubt that students can be more prepared for these once they practise through the questions in the Maths Ten-year series.

2. Gain Confidence And Comfortability

O levels can be incredibly stressful and overwhelming for some students. The pressure they feel may greatly affect their performance during the exam and result in a less-than-satisfactory score. Practising using the Maths Ten-year series can help students set expectations going into their O levels by simulating the exam environment. Try answering the questions in the Maths Ten-year series within a set amount of time to familiarise yourself with the pressure of O levels. This can prepare you both mentally and physically and reduce the amount of pressure you’ll feel on the actual exam.

By going through the Maths Ten-year series, students will steadily gain the confidence to answer any type of question in their O levels.

3. Provides an Accurate Gauge of Knowledge

As you start to answer the questions in the Maths Ten-year series, you’ll also gain a deeper understanding of what you currently know as well as what you don’t. This can significantly improve your study pace as you now have a clearer gauge of what topics you may be unfamiliar with or need improvement on.

Ace Your O Levels With Math Academia

All in all, the Maths Ten-year series is a great learning resource to sharpen your understanding of maths concepts and also to gauge your current knowledge. However, it should not be used as the only method to get exam-ready because there are other additional strategies you might want to adopt such as attending O level maths tuition.

Math Academia offers tutoring for Secondary E and A maths to give your child the best learning environment to study for O levels. With the help of our math tutors’ guidance and expertise, students will be equipped with the tools they need to ace their O levels exams in Singapore.

For more information, feel free to contact us to find out how we can help your child stay on top of their studies so they can do well in their O levels.

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