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O Level / N Level Tuition

Our O Level Math Tuition classes are the

MOST POPULAR here at Math Academia.

The intense and rigorous sessions drill key learning points into students and ensure a strong foundation before expanding into more detailed concepts. We experience waitlists yearly during sign-ups, so be sure to

grab that spot when it's still available! 

Lower Sec Math Tuition

Lower Secondary Math is crucial in building a strong foundation in basic concepts to make the learning process for Upper Secondary E and A Math smoother. A common issue faced is the transition from model drawing to using algebra to solve word problems. Another is that they struggle to see meaning in learning algebra and the use of alphabets to represent numerical values. 

In our O Level math tuition classes, we prioritize the building of various skill sets, such as algebraic manipulation and logical reasoning. Our students have consistently achieved high distinction rates for Math over the past years, with the help of our experienced O Level tutors. 

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Taught by: Mr Peng Junyang and Mr Alex Leong

Lower Sec Science Tuition

At Math Academia, our O Level Science tutors use realistic learning approaches, such as experiments and real-life examples, so that lower secondary students are able to build a strong understanding from application-based learning, making them the best science tutors out there.


This is essential for Upper Secondary Science when they move into the different branches - Chemistry, Physics and Biology. Teaching ahead of the syllabus, our curriculum team ensures that there is time for revision and solidification of concepts before major examinations. Nevertheless, students are still able to approach tutors outside of their lesson timings to ask questions.

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Taught by: Mr Peter N. and Mr John Cheong

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